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Men's Fashion: How to Dress for Your Body Type

When wearing properly fitting clothing, it can be difficult to keep in mind how to highlight your body type. How does the person wearing the regal-looking red shirt with the design appear? Finding clothing you like can be challenging enough, but when it doesn't fit exactly how you want it to, you begin to doubt your shape and physical characteristics. Everyone has a different and distinctive body, so your body type shouldn't hold you back from modernizing your look.

Instead, learning how to draw attention to the key aspects of your build will give you the confidence to dress in a way that accentuates your best features while still maintaining a fashionable appearance. Your go-to source for advice on how to dress for your body shape, Man of Many recognizes a variety of body types, emphasizes the value of tailoring, and emphasizes dressing for the body you already have.

5 Types of Male Body Shapes

These are the ones that are most frequently used to define various physical features in males, though there are many different male body types, none of which are identical.

1. Oval Body Shape

The popular male body type known as the oval has narrow shoulders, a chest that is wider than the waist, and slim hips. As the focus on ovals aims to minimize the appearance of the waist area, you should concentrate on choosing items with darker tones or vertical stripes. You can also wear these colors with tailored pants to look slimmer.

2. Rectangle Body Shape

The ratios between the waist and hips on rectangles are generally ideal. This body type is usually easy to work with and is capable of experimenting with prints and patterns. However, vertical stripes should be avoided because they can draw attention to your already-present rectangular design.

3. Triangle Body Shape

In the triangular shape, which resembles an oval, the waist is wider. Because the area around the shoulders is much more delicate, use dark colors with caution, try to emphasize your upper body, and narrow down your lower body.

4. Trapezoid Body Shape

The broad shoulders, large chests, and thin waists of trapezoids make them one of the most manageable body types. For clothes that are bought off the rack, the trapezoid body type is typically considered the standard.

5. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Male athletes or those who frequent the gym frequently are more likely to have this body type. It has an accented waist and is top-heavy. Most clothing is appealing for an inverted triangle. However, when the upper body is larger, shirts frequently sag in a number of places near the abdomen. If you're genuinely interested in highlighting your figure, spend money on polo shirts or V-necks. The chest stands out as a result, giving the impression that the shoulders are smaller and the clothing is more tailored.

Your New Best Mate: The Tailor

It's time to go to the tailor when you decide on a look that accentuates your figure while still expressing your sense of style. Your one-stop shop for making sure all of your clothing is custom-fit is these real clothing experts. The tailor can help you look great while also ensuring that your clothes fit properly, whether it be by shortening your pants or taking in shirt seams.

Congratulations! Now that everything fits perfectly and you've become best friends with your tailor, you probably look as hot as hell. The last step is to give that stride a sense of assurance. Your fashion choices demonstrate that you have chosen to feel good about your physical appearance. Your body is special to you. Own it! The importance of confidence.

General FAQ

What clothes look good on my body type?

You must first determine the type of body shape you have. Understanding what clothes suit your body type best can be learned by starting with simple basics and having them fitted at a tailor.

Is the inverted triangle body shape attractive on men?

The idealized male body type, according to several articles, has an inverted triangle body shape. Does that imply that it's the male form that people find most attractive? No, not always. Once more, how you decide to emphasize your features can make you appear more attractive.

How can a man improve his dress sense?

Start experimenting with ways to up your fit game once you have a proper understanding of how to dress for your body type. Follow the latest trends and pair your classic pieces with fresh accessories.

How do I find the right suit for my body?

Shops like J. Crew and Banana Republic have trained staff on hand and willing to assist. Make sure to visit your new best friend (the tailor) after consulting your neighborhood store about the ideal suit for you to ensure that your new clothing draws attention to all the appropriate areas.

How do I choose a blazer for my body type?

Everything about a blazer is determined by the shoulders. Finding a fitted jacket is most important with an eye toward this. Knowing your figure type can help you determine which shoulders make up your build. Then, make sure the blazer gives you an inverted triangle shape and falls nicely around your waist.

How do I know my figure type?

Calculate the differences in size between your waist, chest, and shoulders.