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How to Become a Billionaire in Bitlife

This guide explains a simple technique that gamers can employ to reliably make their BitLife characters billionaires.

In BitLife, there are many objectives that players can pursue, and making a lot of money is one of them. In fact, it's possible for some players to make a billion dollars in this life simulation game. This guide's recommendations on how to achieve financial success in BitLife are meant to assist players in realizing their aspirations.

How to Become a Billionaire with BitLife

Character creation is when the first steps to becoming a billionaire are taken. Players of BitLife should focus on making a character with high Looks and Smarts. Furthermore, it is advised that the character be born in a nation with no taxes, and Monaco is a great choice.

Players can continue the process by becoming a well-known actor after creating their character. Fans of life simulation games should maintain extremely high levels of Health and Appearance throughout:

  • eight years of age.
  • Take acting lessons under the Mind and Body tab of Activities until you reach the highest level of proficiency. In the future, be sure to keep this skill level.
  • complete high school.
  • Up until a Talent Agent can be hired through the Actor tab in Special Careers, work a part-time job.
  • To become a well-known actor, start attending auditions and getting cast in roles.

Players should use Photo Shoots and Commercials as a way to make serious money after becoming a well-known actor in BitLife. Fans should also improve their social media presence, with a focus on YouTube and Instagram in particular. Players should monetize these platforms once a sizable fan base has grown there and use promotions as additional revenue streams.

Even though a billion dollars may still seem far off, fans should be making a respectable amount of money annually at this point. Because of this, players should start using their money from being a well-known actor to buy as much real estate as they can, paying special attention to houses that are in good shape. The idea is to collect a ton of properties, hold onto them for a long time, and then sell them for a huge profit.

It should be noted that making a billion dollars from real estate investments can take some time. Because of this, it has previously been advised that players of mobile games put an emphasis on their characters' health as they amass wealth. In fact, a character might need to live well into their hundreds before becoming wealthy, so going to the gym frequently is crucial.

Both iOS and Android users can download BitLife.