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BTS Members Real Names

Welcome to the BTS army, if you're a new member. With numerous American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV VMA nominations, this boy band has established itself as one of the biggest acts in the music business. Even when introducing themselves in interviews, the members of this K-pop group frequently use their stage names. So, you might be wondering what the real names of the BTS members are.

Legal names function a little differently in South Korea than ages do. In that nation, a person's given name is listed first, then their family name (or surname) (or personal name). They are not like those in the United States, where the family name is written first, then the given name. According to Cultural Atlas, Korean family names typically only have one syllable and do not include a middle name.

People are occasionally identified by just the first or last syllable of their given name. The BTS member Kim Seokjin, whose stage name is also his nickname, Jin, falls under this category. Find out more about the real names of each of the BTS boys below.

Real name of RM is Kim Namjoon

Kim Namjoon, the founder and manager of BTS, frequently performs as RM. Before, he called himself Rap Monster, but now the letters "RM" stand for "Real Me," which is a good representation of this artist.

RM frequently serves as the BTS spokesperson and translator due to his proficiency in English. He also gave a speech at the UN, where he discussed the organization's collaboration with UNICEF on the "Love Myself" campaign.

Jin is actually known as Kim Seokjin

He is "Mr. Worldwide Handsome," the oldest member of this K-pop group, and also a singer. This performer's real name is Kim Seokjin, despite the fact that "Jin" is his stage name. Some fans only recognize him as the charming, devoted "mother" of BTS.

Jung Hoseok is J-full Hope's name

He is J-Hope; you are his; he is your hope. Jung Hoseok chose his stage name to inspire hope and joy in his followers. He has established himself as a skilled rapper, songwriter, and dancer since making his BTS debut.

J-Hope also has a mixtape of his own, Hope World, which has received hundreds of millions of streams on online music services like Spotify. He also has plans to drop a second mixtape.

The real name of Suga is Min Yoongi

He almost always has a hint of fatigue and is a bit sweet and salty. One of BTS's main rappers, Suga, is actually Min Yoongi. His witty remarks in particular have led some to refer to him as the group's sassiest and most vicious member.

V is actually Kim Taehyung

V, one of the more eccentric members of BTS, enjoys changing his hair color more than wearing shoes. Kim Taehyung is the real name of this BTS member. In addition, V is the author of the solo tracks "Winter Bear," "Sweet Night," and "Singularity."

Park Jimin is Jimin's actual name

Park Jimin, a singer for BTS, performs under the name Jimin, which is also his given name. The performer is renowned for his popular solo work as well. Since Psy (of "Gangnam Style" fame), he is the first Korean solo artist to have multiple songs do well on streaming services. In fact, Jimin established a Spotify record for three songs with more than 50 million listens each, which he later surpassed with more than 100 million streams.

The real name of Jungkook is Jeon Jeongguk

He is referred to by some as "Golden Maknae." He is the youngest member of BTS, and he is also talented in singing and dancing. He is also nice and good-looking. The stage name Jungkook, which is similar to Jeon Jeongguk's given name in pronunciation, is frequently used.

With his solo music, including the song "Euphoria," the artist is also setting records. In actuality, Jungkook broke the record for the most digital song sales worldwide. We are not shocked.

Butter and other BTS songs are accessible on Spotify, Apple Music, and the majority of streaming services.