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How to Prepare First Day School Kindergarten

There are several ways to prepare for your child's first day of kindergarten, from practicing putting on their shoes and labeling their clothes. The most important preparation is relaxation. You can start by taking your child for a tour of the school and getting a feel for the environment. Let them get used to the school before the big day. Also, remember that your child is still a little kid, so try to avoid putting any big expectations on them.

How to Prepare First Day School Kindergarten

Talk about the upcoming day in front of the family. Explain to your child how much you're excited for the big day. Try to elicit reactions from your child. If your child is not interested, don't force the issue. Keep it exciting. If your child is ready, he or she will have a great first day of kindergarten. Here are some ways to prepare your child for kindergarten. It's never too early to start discussing the day.

Meet the teacher ahead of time. It's important that your child recognizes his or her teacher. After that, obtain the handbook and familiarize yourself with the rules of the school. You can even have an orientation session with the parents so that they're aware of what the classroom rules are. You may need to go over the rules several times during the year. Besides getting familiar with the rules, prepare for the big day by learning the rules and making sure that you understand them.

Discuss the drop-off procedure. You can role play these procedures. If your child is very nervous about being dropped off at the school, he can talk to the teacher and other parents to get some insight. He can also ask for the names of his classmates and teachers. These will help him adjust to the new situation. The best way to prepare your child for his first day in kindergarten is to make him or her feel comfortable in the classroom.

Pack your child's backpack with school supplies the night before. Keep a small comfort item in the backpack for your child. This way, they can access it if they miss you. Give your child a good breakfast before leaving for school. Make the transition to school a positive experience for both of you. Make sure to give your child lots of praises when they behave well. This will help your child adjust to the new school routine and make the transition a little easier.

Try to get a classroom tour. Most schools allow parents to tour the classroom before the first day. Some even have special events just for this purpose. If you're able to attend these events, make sure to set up an appointment to visit the classroom. It will help to ease your child's nervousness and make the transition easier. You'll also get to know the teacher and other kids. If you're unsure about your child's readiness, call the school ahead of time and ask for an appointment.