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How to Insert a Text Box in Google Docs

how to insert a text box in google docs

There are two ways to insert a text box in a Google Document. You can create a table with multiple rows and then insert a text box in the table. You can also edit the text box by editing its appearance. If you want to create a fillable form, you can also insert a fillable form. Both ways are described in the next section. To get started, open a Google Document.

Create a table with multiple rows to insert a text box

The easiest way to insert a text box in Google Doc is to use a drawing tool. This tool will allow you to adjust the height and width of a text box. You can even use it on mobile devices. The main difference between the drawing tool and the regular text box is that you can customize it. In this article, we will show you how to create a text box in Google Docs.

To create a table in Google Docs, first click the upper-left box. Next, click the Insert Table button. You can then type text in any cell. You can change the font, color, and size. This method gives you more creative freedom and flexibility, but it will take more time. Adding text boxes and shapes to your table will allow you to insert them into your document more easily.

Edit a text box

When using Google Docs, you can easily edit a text box. Just click the text box you want to edit and choose the formatting options that you want. You can choose the text color, font, border style, and line spacing. You can even change the background by clicking on the paint bucket icon on the main toolbar. You can also change the font style and color and add a dash to it.

You can also set apart your text by selecting a table or drawing in Google Docs. While both methods will create a text box, the text in a drawing or table will have distinct layout and formatting capabilities. If you accidentally delete your text box, you can easily undo it. It will appear as a placeholder. It will remain available until you re-add it to your document. Alternatively, you can insert a text box in a drawing.

Add a fillable form

You can create a fillable form within Google Docs and track the responses from your survey. Once you've received the data, you can also generate a visual report. Fillable forms can be embedded on your website or included in social media posts or emails. Note that this article is not sponsored by, but provides a general overview of how to create a fillable form within Google Docs.

To add a fillable form to a text field, first create a label next to the empty line. For example, if you have three fields, add the label "Two Lines of Text" to the cell label. Now, select the left-most cell label, change its text to "Sample Answers." You should now have a form that looks similar to the example below.