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How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift

If you're not sure how to fix PS5 controller drift, keep reading! In this article we'll tell you how to keep your joystick clean, adjust the deadzone, and avoid opening up the DualSense controller. Then we'll explain what you need to do next. In the meantime, you can avoid taking out your money and ruining your controller in the process. And we'll cover the most common causes of this problem.

Keep your joystick clean

Keeping your PS5 controller clean can help you prevent or fix the problem of stick drift. In order to keep it in good condition, you should clean it twice a month, but don't forget to keep it away from water! Water can get into the controller, causing serious damage. To clean it properly, use alcohol or a cotton swab. It is important to rub the stick on all sides with the alcohol or water solution, avoiding the tip.

Another common cause of drifting is dust and sweat, which can be trapped in the analog stick. While these are not directly related to shift drift, they can cause it. Cleaning the stick with alcohol or rubbing alcohol is recommended once or twice a week. This method should eliminate drifting within a few hours, but results may vary depending on the individual. You should also make sure that your PS5 is updated with the latest software update.

Adjust the controller's deadzone

The problem of PlayStation 5 controller drift is caused by the entry threshold, also known as the dead zone. Dead zone refers to the region of the controller where a player cannot move the joystick. This method only works for some games, however. To find out whether the dead zone setting on your controller can help, you may want to check the controller settings menu. Changing the input threshold may be the solution you need.

Firstly, you should go to Settings > System> System Software Update. Then, select the DualSense controller. This will automatically check for updates. If you're unable to find the update, you can try the other methods described above. After doing this, your controller will start working again. If you're still having the problem after performing one of these steps, you'll have to wait for a few days.

Replace the entire analogue stick unit

While it may sound like a drastic measure, you can easily solve your PS5 controller drift problems by replacing the entire analogue stick unit. The joystick sensors can warp after a long period of use and can cause this issue. Regardless of the reason behind the problem, it is an annoying problem that can have a negative impact on your gaming experience. This article will go over several simple solutions for fixing PS5 controller drift.

First, try replacing your analogue stick unit. Many new controllers have a new analogue stick with potentiometers that do not match the ones in your old controller. Because controller potentiometers are factory calibrated, replacing them will not fix your controller drift problem. The new stick may not match the original pots and will continue to drift. Therefore, if your controller is already drifting, a replacement is your best bet.

Avoid opening up your DualSense controller

If you are experiencing controller drift on your PS5, you might want to consider sending it back to Sony. This should be your first option if you're not confident enough to try to fix the problem yourself. This method will involve opening up your DualSense controller and reconnecting it to your PS5. You can do this by opening the controller and pressing the small hole on the back for 5 seconds. Once you've done this, try reconnecting the controller to your PS5 via USB. If this doesn't work, you may need to reset the controller.

Another way to fix PlayStation 5 controller drift is to reset the DualSense controller. First, turn it off. There's a small reset button and hole on the back of the controller. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press the reset button. You may also need to reinstall the firmware on the PS5. Then, connect the controller to your PS5.