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How to Choose the Right Foundation Shade

how to choose foundation shade

To learn how to choose the right foundation shade, start with understanding your undertones. Your undertones are the colours beneath your skin, and they do not change seasonally. These undertones are divided into three categories - warm, cool, and neutral. By understanding your undertones, you can find the perfect foundation shade. For example, if your skin is warm, you will need a slightly warmer shade of foundation than a cool, neutral shade.

Makeup artist Lauren D'Amelio

As a freelance makeup artist, you may be wondering how Lauren D'Amelio chooses her foundation shade. The reason is simple: she does makeup for celebrities and models, and her favorite color is always one shade darker than her natural skin tone. The foundation shade is a personal preference, and her personal preference has influenced her makeup palette ever since she began working as a professional makeup artist.


To find your perfect foundation shade, it's important to know your skin tone. You can use the COMPLEXION MATRIX shade guide to match foundation to your skin tone. This tool is designed by Team Tilbury, Charlotte's professional makeup artists. In addition to guiding you through the foundation shade process, it also includes helpful tips for applying makeup. Using the shade guide is an excellent way to ensure that your foundation will look natural on your face.

Swatching foundation

The first step in choosing the right foundation shade is swatching. If you don't have a makeup mirror, you can try foundation samples in the store before purchasing. To test the shade, hold a bottle up to natural light and wait for it to dry. You can also use websites that allow you to see how a particular shade looks on a specific person's skin tone. The results will be very useful in choosing the right shade for your skin tone.


Undertones are the colours underneath your skin that give it its overall hue. They do not change with the seasons, and they are generally defined as warm, cool or neutral. Knowing your undertones is vital when choosing foundation shades, since it will help you choose the correct shade for your skin. Here are some tips to choose the right shade for your skin. Using the color of your veins as a guide, you'll find the perfect shade for your undertones.

Testing in good light

When it comes to choosing a foundation shade, celebrity makeup artists suggest a few tips. Generally speaking, you should always try on foundation shades in natural light and test them on your face first. The same goes for the undertone. Warm skinned people should choose a shade of foundation with yellow undertones, while cool-toned women should choose a foundation with pink undertones. However, the more natural the light, the better.

Getting a virtual consultation with a foundation expert

If you've ever tried to find the perfect foundation shade and couldn't find it, there is a solution to your problem. A makeup expert can help you find the right shade and formula that will complement your skin tone. Not only will the foundation expert guide you through the entire makeup process, but she will also share her secrets for flawless skin. To make your virtual consultation even more beneficial, she'll show you how to conceal dark circles and pigmentation, and how to apply makeup for the most natural-looking result.