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How to Prepare For a Phone Interview

You may be wondering how to prepare for a phone interview. Listed below are some tips to help you succeed. Some tips include knowing your strengths and weaknesses, keeping yourself calm, and not chewing gum while you are talking. After reading these tips, you'll be well on your way to success. Make sure you follow the steps outlined in this article to avoid making common mistakes in a phone interview. Read on to learn more.

how to prepare for a phone interview

Selling yourself in a phone interview

Before a phone interview, practice putting yourself in the best light. Prepare a list of positive attributes that demonstrate your strengths. Practice saying these positive attributes under pressure. Find opportunities to pitch yourself during the interview. Most untrained interviewers ask lame questions and don't give candidates a chance to pitch themselves. So practice making the best impression in the shortest amount of time possible. It's not enough to memorize the list.

When you get to the interview, use subtle body language. Make eye contact and nod your head as if you were genuinely engaged. Don't make frequent gestures or overexaggerated expressions. Practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, eye contact, and meditating can help you stay relaxed during the interview. Ultimately, you want to make the interviewer feel comfortable with you.

Avoiding gum

During a phone interview, it is important not to chew gum. You might receive a question asking you whether you have bad breath. To avoid this, it is best to turn off your cell phone and put it in the bathroom before your interview. You should also avoid any food or drinks that will cause bad breath, like gum. During the interview, you should sip water or chew a mint. It is also important to have a clear voice.

Smiling while talking

Smiling while talking when preparing a phone interview will not only elevate your voice, but it will also boost your overall attitude. The way you sit, fidget, and breathe will all have an impact on how you sound during a phone interview, and a smile will make you sound more friendly and energetic. Here are some tips to help you smile while talking while preparing for a phone interview.

Smiling while talking is a proven way to convey your enthusiasm and interest in the position you are interviewing for. People who smile during a phone interview tend to sound more enthusiastic, have a better attitude, and listen more attentively to their interviewer. During a phone interview, it's important to remember that focus on the job at hand is more difficult than it is in an in-person interview. Ask for clarifications if necessary, and try to speak slowly and clearly.

Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses

Before a phone interview, figure out your strengths and weaknesses. A strong interviewer will want to hear about a time you were calm under pressure and managed to deliver a client proposal despite changing plans. A weak spot can be embarrassing, such as presenting in front of high-level executives. For example, you might have had a terrible experience presenting your marketing plan to a boss who stepped in to approve the changes.

If you are not comfortable asking family members or friends about your personality traits, try to get external feedback. Look for a mentor or a peer to give you honest and objective feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Using lists can also help you to remember a memorable moment or a heroism you have performed. Then, go back to the list and make sure you know what you need to work on.